Dear Future Husband

Dear future husband,

I guess I’m writing this because I’m thinking of you. I’m thinking of if I already know you or if we have yet to meet. I’m thinking of if I’ll know from first glance that you are the one.

I’m also writing this because I love you. You’ll learn my life story and all the pain it holds. You’ll see the scars on my arms. You’ll hear the desperate cry in my voice for God to be my everything. You’ll watch me scrunch my forehead when I’m thinking about something. You’ll notice me. You’ll see me.

 I have to thank you now for your patience. God is repairing my heart little by little. He is restoring my faith in men everyday. He is holding me in the dead of night when I can’t breathe from crying so hard. He is helping me to look at myself with love rather than criticism. He is the one my soul will forever belong to. He created you to pull us closer to Him. 

I guess I feel like writing what is on my heart… I pray for you. I’m waiting for you. I’m getting ready for you. I am a glorious mess. I can be as peaceful as the beach and a raging wildfire the next minute. I’m loud, crazy, and fun. I make mistakes all the time but I’ll take responsibility for them. My love is deep. It is like a raging river that some people find fun and excited, while others get scared. I am honest. I’m loyal to a fault. I’ll give you everything I have to give as long as we give it to God first. I can’t wait to meet you! 
I love you handsome,

Your future wife.


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