Second Try

A room full of people yet I was alone.

Silently my heart was turning to stone.

Pills of misfortune. Feeling foreign.

Locked doors and secrets.

My mom found me. White as ghost.

She realized I no longer wanted to host myself.

I can still hear panic in her voice but I had made my choice.

Days forgotten. Hearts broken. The sounds of sobbing echoed in my ears.

I Survived my second try. 

I came to the conclusion that my life is no illusion.

There has to be a purpose in me coming back to the surface.

So I took that purpose and I started to create.


2 thoughts on “Second Try

  1. And keep on creating Annabelle. I believe that when we are creating is when we are most like God. The curiosity of design, the wonder of words, the placement of colors, the spark of an idea…all of that keeps minds occupied with the future, of what will be…but solidly in the present of working it out in reality, one color/word/photo/song at a time. Creating releases pain and transforms it into inspiration. You inspire me Annabelle.

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    I am so encouraged to read that you have found the hope of purpose!!!!! I know that your purpose involves writing, speaking and singing and many many more things yet to be revealed!….whether to a crowd of 20 or thousands, only He knows. But the crowd is really beside the point. If one person at a time can find hope in Jesus and purpose in their life through your story, your words, your song…then GLORY… I cannot tell you the sense of peace and joy that comes from knowing He has used your pain, your struggle to reach and help someone take His hand and walk forward in their life. Wow. What a privilege!
    Love you so always.

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