Second Try

A room full of people yet I was alone.

Silently my heart was turning to stone.

Pills of misfortune. Feeling foreign.

Locked doors and secrets.

My mom found me. White as ghost.

She realized I no longer wanted to host myself.

I can still hear panic in her voice but I had made my choice.

Days forgotten. Hearts broken. The sounds of sobbing echoed in my ears.

I Survived my second try. 

I came to the conclusion that my life is no illusion.

There has to be a purpose in me coming back to the surface.

So I took that purpose and I started to create.

Dark & Twisted

My dark mind is hard to control

I can’t stand the silence it produces violence

All I hear is death. All I say is save me.

Oh save me. Save me. Save me.

Attempts to drown out the thoughts but no matter how loud I make it I can never shake it off.

Dark parts of my brain start to get inflamed. And I’m scared my life will never be the same.

All I hear is death. All I say is save me.

I don’t have many friends. I’m afraid it’s from all my sins.

I’m afraid of the dark but also the light. My throat feels tight. I continue to fight.

All I hear is death. All I say is save me.
If you say something enough times it loses its meaning.

My mind is numb to the words. I’m not sure what they mean anymore but I’ll continue to say them. I’ll never change them.

Save me.

Save me.

Save me.