Words. All I hear is words. 

No meaning. No depth. Just words.

Why don’t we choose to say something with meaning?

I’m tired of hearing the sounds coming out of your mouth.

The crashing of symbols resound as senseless tones pound into my brain.

Don’t you realize the pain you’re causing?

A forest fire of destruction. 

An unholy alliance of hate and wrath.

Unfortunately, I was on your path when you decided to embark on your journey for pain.

Filled with disdain my brain started to try to cope with the pain but it was all in vain.

Your words turned to bullets that ripped through my brain.

Words that once had no meaning became my own definition.

The recognition of myself.

Who I was became who you said I was.

The girl in the mirror was on fire.

She was turning to ash as you blew at the embers.

You didn’t want her to see the bucket of water sitting beside her.

You wanted to watch her burn. You would turn out the light and say, ‘look how brightly you shine’

Time after time I would agree. I was shining ever so brightly.

The more I burned the closer I moved to death. You were so pleased with your work.

However, you forgot that I was forged in a fiery storm.

I had been born with the ability to withstand heat.

Just when you finally thought you had finished your cremation.

I burst from the ashes as a new creation.

Your words went back to just being words.

No meaning. No depth. Just words.

A forest fire may destroy everything but it is beneficial to causing a surge of rebirth. 

Everything regrows healthier, strongier, and more beautiful.

There is only one definition for me that can never be changed or petitioned:

‘Fearfully and wonderfully made.’


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