Hello, beautiful people!

This isn’t a poem/song but I am sitting in my bed looking at used tour buses just dreaming. As I was looking at all these super nice tour buses I was curious if my music would ever become something greater. Will I be able to tour with people who helped me start from the beginning one day? What would a successful music career be to me? What decisions would I have to make for the sake of ‘the band’ (that doesn’t even exist right now lol)? How could I document every moment good and bad to see how far we would come? Who would make up my core team?

Some of you may be reading this thinking that I am insane but sometimes you have to let your mind dream. If I could perform at every massive music festival in the world I would probably die from excitement. But then I start to think if I became that well known and successful would I still feel the same way I feel right now? Would the dreamer side of me keep dreaming bigger ideas or would I just settle with how far I got? The thought of that scares me, honestly. As amazing as it would be to perform in large arenas all over the world I would want a show with 5 audience members to have just as much meaning as a show with 50,000 people.

All I want in my music is authenticity. Raw, real, and honest…. When I release my first demo I’ll be anxious to see people’s reactions but I don’t think I’ll be crushed if people think it is garbage. As long as the music I make meets my standards and makes me happy, then I’ll just keep on creating. I feel like when people stick with something they are truly passionate about for long enough then the harvest will come. That may mean being a small underground band or being a headliner in a festival. Who’s to say that daring to dream the big dreams won’t get you anywhere … I think as long as you keep your passion alive you can do anything you dream to do.

So here are some of my biggest most gigantic dreams (maybe one day I can look back over this list and see how my life turned out. See what I became.)

  1. Every song produced will only be written by me and or the band.
  2. Sell out the Center Stage venue (It is in Atlanta and I have attended many concerts there. I love it)
  3. Work with my friend Kristin on designing merch and our world tour stage.
  4. Be invited to the Grammys.
  5. Collab with Twenty One Pilots and Sia
  6. Buy a tour bus for our first ever American tour.
  7. Work as hard as I can to produce great music and live shows
  8. Work with my oldest brother on my music. I want him to approve and love all of it. (My brother has an amazing ear and I trust his musical instincts and his advice.)
  9. Be able to stand on stage and see a sea of people who I have impacted and who have impacted me.
  10. Have a meet & greet with fans. (Let’s get coffee sometime nonexistent fans)
  11. Create a live show that is full of energy that people love to see.
  12. Not give a crap what anyone says about my music (that is negative or demeaning)
  13. Have the time of my life and step out of my comfort zone for the sake of living.

If you’re still reading this, then I applaud you! You rock! I challenge you to make a list of MASSIVE dreams that may seem unlikely or impossible, then look at the list and get to work!


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