Fourth grade.

Decisions made.

I weighed more than the other girls.

The first time I became afraid.


Took heed about how to look.



I can never win.

They said I was in sin.


That’s when I became shut-in.

Darkness has found another victim.

His claws sinking into my skin for the first time.

Goodbye daytime.

Hello insecurity.


One thought on “Weight

  1. I still feel it’s claws digging into me!
    I still look at me in the mirror and think me big!
    Oh how satan wishes for me to stay here in despair.
    Pull away from everyone and stay away in fear!
    But no sirrreeee!
    This is not how the story goes!
    For the one who is in me is the author who has removed my woes!
    He is bigger and mightier than this defeated foe!
    Yet he keeps pillaging and bringing plight,
    But what he can’t understand is that my God is the TRUE LIGHT!
    So I say shoo shoo away,
    There is no room for you to sway!
    I am His and He is Mine.
    There is no room for you to come!
    Shoo shoo away!
    For I am not yours no wAy!
    You lie, you cheat and you distort!
    He is the truth, the LORD and forever my escort.
    You can’t have me for He is a jealous God.
    For whoever belong to Him, he will never give up!
    So shoo away for your time is up!

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