Where do I go from here?

Where do I go from here?

Most of the time I just want to disappear.

Am I suppose to know what comes next?

God, why do I have to be so complex?

Fear consumes my mind

It makes me feel confined in darkness.

Where do I go from here?

How do I get back to the place that was once filled with cheer?

My bout with doubt has turned me inside out.

My eyes have become dark with marks of disappointments.

Where do I go from here?

Why can’t I just disappear?

I have to move on

but what if I’m already too far gone?


One thought on “Where do I go from here?

  1. Dearest Annabelle, the only place to go is just run to His arms and hide there! I disappear by singing praise and worship songs in His honor when disappointment and fear take over. Let’s not forget that ugly self doubting voice that just wants to pull me down to the mud.

    Jesus says cast your cares onto me and I will give you rest. It was very hard in the beginning to trust and give Him all my concerns but it got easier as time went by.
    I told myself, what if I give Him my disappointment, angers and frustrations and He is not able to remove them? Then I heard a voice say… you have nothing to lose if he does not take it all away but imagine what if He does! So I started trusting Him started singing His praises.

    Also God says don’t think about past For it’s done and over with; don’t think about tomorrow for it has not come yet! So don’t worry about them! Focus on today and all He is doing in your life. Oh and dont make the same mistake I did and compare your life with others. DISASTER…that is what you are inviting!!!!

    Disappear in Him 1) by worshipping who He is, 2) praise Him for all that He has done in your life even the unseen one and dont forget to thank The Father for Son and Thank the Son for loving you so much to exchange his righteousness with our sinfulness. We must remind ourselves of the work on the cross everyday., 3)Declare the power of His blood and ask for its protection for you and the family. 4) de Declare that power over every area of your life that is in need of it. clare and claim the mighty power of resurrection. The one who raised Jesus is at work in our life but enemy does not want us to remember. Declare and claim it over every area of your life that is in need of renewal. 5) Read His word and Highlight every promise he gives you in Your favorite color of highlighter. 6) pray for others. For Jesus said when you pray for someone else you forget about your problem!

    I do this every day, well almost every day, to keep my peace and sanity! And when I wake up late one morning and don’t have time for all the steps, you can so easily tell!,,,,🤗

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