The Love of a Dog

Bebe was not just a dog. He was family. He was my snuggle buddy. My nap companion. My “shoulder” to cry on. I helped my mom pick him out of the litter. He was the quiet cuddle bug. I watched him grow as he watched me grow. He was there for us in the worst and best of times. The one thing that always stayed the same was his unending love for us. He watched Austin go to college and even went to UGA himself to try to help Austin pick up the ladies. He watched as Alex and I went through middle and high school. He watched us as we matured into the adults we are now. He was there for every tear, frustration, and success. He was always present for every meal hoping for a morsel. Every Christmas we would put his “Santa’s Little Helper” shirt on and he would watch us laugh as we opened gifts. Bebe was always there. Even when we didn’t pay attention to him, he was always watching us from his beloved pillow. I have always believed that he has cheered us on throughout our hardships. Even though my heart is so sad to lose him; I know he is cheering us on from heaven (and probably chasing a few rabbits too).

I love you Mr.B and you’ll forever be in my heart!


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