The Beauty in Death

I can’t express how much of a privileged it is to be present when a person dies. Many people find this odd that I think that way, but if you truly think about it what an honor it is.

In my job as a CNA I mostly work with hospice patients. I have seen death at a young age with my grandmother.I helped take care of her for years and when her time came I was there singing her to Jesus. Seeing my best friend die was painful but beautiful. She was surrounded by her loved ones and we were all laughing and telling our favorite stories. She was so peaceful. I wouldn’t have changed my decision to be there for the world.

This client I am currently with just went into hospice. I have been with her for about 2 months. I have been the family’s rock as she has declined. I have been there for the highs and lows. For the smiles and tears. For the yelling and kind words.I have gotten to listen to almost all of her family members tell me about their mother. She is an incredible woman. She raised a beautiful family.

My lovely client just got moved into a hospice home where they can make her more comfortable. As I walked into the hospice house I was reminded of my time with my grandmother. Tears started to fill my eyes as I thought about the joy it will be to help this family through such a painful time. I have walked this road before with my family. I know the worries, questions, and pain. It is hard to watch the family get upset but it gives me strength to know that I can encourage them through the love of God.

I will be there to sing my client to her death. I will cry with the family. I will hold their hands and reassure all their efforts. I will pray with them ceaselessly. Death is so hard to accept and comprehend but God has given me the gift of helping those walk through its pain.

As I watch my client slowly declining, I can’t help but smile and think about all the amazing stories that her and her family shared with me. I’m just a stranger brought in 2 months ago but today I feel like family.

Thank you Jesus for this gift you have given me to help others. Help me to be strong for them. Please give them peace. I love you. Amen.