Why I Am Enough

I am enough.

I am worthy of love.

I am a creator of infinite outcomes.

I am a daughter of The King.

I have struggled my entire life with feeling like I was worthy. Worthy of love and forgiveness. Worthy of God’s grace.  I have tried to put my worth in my body, grades, how many boys give me attention, the number of friends I have, the number on the scale…. All of those things failed me. I didn’t feel any better when I acquired one of those things. I was searching for something to fill my desire to be made whole. My desire to be loved. My desire to feel wanted by someone.

I found the only thing that can fill that hole. My beautiful family can’t fill it. My GPA can’t fill it. My wonderful friends can’t fill it. The only thing that can fill it is JESUS. He created me. He sustains me. He loves me and desires me. He wants me. He makes me whole. He is the one I turn to when I feel ugly and worthless and He tells me that I am a princess of the most High King. He whispers sweet truths into my ears. He tells me that he created me in his image and that He didn’t mess up. He tells me that I am worthy. He tells me that I am a life changer for Him. He tells me that I was created with a purpose. He tells me how much He loves me.

I am made whole by his everlasting love. I am so blessed to be loved by a Father who gave his life for me. He is enough for me. If I never meet the man of my dreams, then I will not fear because I do not need a man to complete me. If I never travel the world, then I will not be bitter because when I get to heaven I will see beauty so amazing that my eyes won’t believe it.

Jesus is enough for me. I am worthy because He created me.


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