Breaking Free

As I sit at my breakfast table looking at how beautiful the day will be, I am in awe. I have been through so many trials in my life and for the first time I am at peace with where i’m at. My relationship with God hasn’t always been easy. There were times I was angry, sad, and even disappointed with Him. Those feelings weren’t a result of God’s doing they were a result of me not getting my way. It took me YEARS to figure out that God’s plan for me is awesome. He isn’t a burden. He isn’t trying to hinder me. He is LOVING me. Anyone with parents knows that they tell you “No” because they love you. They want whats best for you. As teenagers and young adults we can’t always see our destructive tendencies and behaviors. THANK GOD that I have parents and friend who will call me out when I am doing something destructive. They don’t call me out to embarrass me but to save me from myself. They love me so much that they never want to see me get hurt.

God works in the same way. He is your Father. He created you and knows everything about you. He wants you to have an incredible life that will glorify him. There will be times that God will tell you “No my love”. It can be painful at first to hear those words but it is said with soooooo much love. In my own life I use to get angry every time God told me no. I hated the fact that he just wouldn’t make the boy like me or that He wouldn’t give my dad that job or how He would remove certain friends from my life. Why couldn’t He just give me what I want? The answer is simple now that I look back at all the times He has said “No my child”.  God says no because of LOVE. He wants you to be living in freedom not in sin. He doesn’t want you to get caught up in this world because it will only bring pain. When we walk outside of God’s will for our lives, then we dance on the edge of destruction.

I write these words as an encouragement to you. Let God lead you. He will never lead you astray or into hurt. He died for you because he loves you! You are beautiful and wonderful. You are God’s child!

“He is the absolute joy of my life. I don’t just love Him. I love loving Him. Surrendering my heart to Him has not been a sacrifice. I don’t know any other way to say it: He works for me” ~ Beth Moore


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